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Convent of the Capuchin Nuns of Palma Mallorca

CONVENT OF THE CAPUCHIN NUNS OF PALMA. Secrets of the convent life

This is one of the seven female cloistered convents that survive in Palma after the social and political vicissitudes of the 19th century. This route is a unique opportunity to discover the past...

Manor houses in Ciutadella Menorca

MANOR HOUSES IN CIUTADELLA. A journey to the heart of the nobility

There was a time when the landowning gentry were – or wanted to be – the main characters of that point in history in Ciutadella. It was during the 18th and 19th centuries, and magnificent...
Modernism in Palma Mallorca

MODERNISM IN PALMA. Route around the most emblematic buildings

Modernism was a phenomenon of cultural and artistic renovation that marked the Europe in transition from the 19th to the 20th centuries, and it had a strong influence on architecture and the...

Palma, the monumental city Mallorca

PALMA, THE MONUMENTAL CITY. A journey through the history of the city

Palma is a city that shines out with its own light. A city capable of assimilating the passage of each of the cultures that have settled on the island over the years. Peoples who have left their mark...
Patios in Palma Mallorca

PATIOS IN PALMA. High Town I. Area around the Cathedral

So beautiful, sober and singular are they, that they have drawn the attention of numerous writers and chroniclers who, like Archduke Ludwig Salvator, Jules Verne or Josep Pla, have visited Palma at...

Route of the avant-gardes on Ibiza Ibiza


The 1930s: Europe is in upheaval. On Ibiza, tourism is just dawning. A series of intellectuals find the island a pleasant place for sojourning and forevermore place Ibiza on the route of the...
Savour Christmas Mallorca

SAVOUR CHRISTMAS. A route around the sweeter side of Palma

Cultural guided tour on foot around the streets of Palma’s old quarter to find out about gastronomic culture at Christmas time. History, traditions and recipes from convent-style to popular...
Stories and Legends of Palma Mallorca


The numerous cultures and peoples who have been drawn by this island over the centuries have made it the setting for many adventures and stories. Many of them left their physical mark, which can still...
The Jewish Quarter Mallorca

THE JEWISH QUARTER. Traces of the medieval Jewish quarter in Palma

One of the most important Jewish quarters in the Mediterranean, inhabited by famous sages, doctors, astronomers and the famous Cresques cartographers, Abraham and Jafuda Cresques. To stroll around the...
The patios of Palma Mallorca

THE PATIOS OF PALMA. A tour around Low City

The patios of the stately homes in the old town have become one of the most attractive and representative elements of the city’s architecture. Today they are a jewel we cannot fail to admire and...
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