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Archduke Ludwig Salvator Mallorca


Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Habsburg-Lorraine and Bourbon was born in Florence on 4th August 1847. He was the son of the grand dukes of Tuscany, Leopold II and Maria Antonia. Because of the...
Baltasar Porcel Mallorca

BALTASAR PORCEL. The Mediterranean writer

Baltasar Porcel i Pujol was born on 13th March 1937, in the midst of the Civil War, in Andratx, a municipality in the west of Mallorca. After finishing primary school in his native town, he went to...
Cresques Abraham and Jafudà Cresques Mallorca

CRESQUES ABRAHAM AND JAFUDà CRESQUES. Cartographers from the Mallorcan School

Cresques Abraham was born in the Jewish quarter of the Ciutat de Mallorca (City of Mallorca) around 1325. He married Setaddar, who bore him two children: Jafudà Cresques and...
Emili Pou Bonet Mallorca

EMILI POU BONET. The father of Ibiza’s lighthouses

He earned a degree in Civil Engineering in 1854. In 1868, he was named Head Engineer of Public Works on the Balearic Islands, and from this position he designed and supervised the expansion of the...
Enric Fajarnés i Tur Ibiza

ENRIC FAJARNéS I TUR. The methodical researcher

The son of Ramon Fajarnés i Ferrer, a Lieutenant Colonel in the infantry born in Valencia, and Josepa Tur Llaneras. In 1880 he earned his degree in Medicine from the University of Barcelona....
Frédéric Chopin Mallorca

FRéDéRIC CHOPIN. The poet of the piano

Fryderyk Chopin was born in a manor house in the village of Zelazowa-Wola, near Warsaw (Poland), on 1 March 1810. In the autumn of that year, with his parents (Justyna and Nicolas Chopin, a Polonised...
Gaspar Bennàssar i Moner Mallorca

GASPAR BENNàSSAR I MONER. “S’Arquitecte” (The Architect)

Gaspar Bennàssar i Moner was born in Palma on 18 August 1869, in a house in calle de Vallseca. He studied his secondary school diploma at the Instituto Balear (Balearic Institute), which was...
George Sand Mallorca

GEORGE SAND. A romantic writer

The writer George Sand, the pseudonym used by Aurore Lucile Dupin, was born in Paris on 1 July 1804. Aurore’s father died when she was four and she spent her childhood at the home of her...
Gertrude Stein Mallorca

GERTRUDE STEIN. An avant-garde writer in Mallorca

Gertrude Stein was born on 3rd February 1874 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania (United States), and died in Paris on 27th July 1946. She belonged to a family of German Jewish immigrants, and was the daughter...
James I Mallorca

JAMES I. The conqueror king

James I was born on the 2 February, 1208 in Montpellier (Occitania, now the south of France). His father was Peter the Catholic, also known as Peter II of Aragon and Peter I of Catalonia. His mother...
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