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Black pig Mallorca

BLACK PIG. The great benefactor

The pig is one of the earliest domesticated animals to be established on the Balearic Islands. According to some authors, the black pig or porc negre is one of the most primitive breeds, and it is...

Cat thyme Mallorca

CAT THYME. On mountain trails

Teucrium marum is a small round shrub that looks like a pointed cushion, as the branches end in sharp points. The leaves are triangular and greyish-green on the front, while almost white on the back....
Fig trees Formentera

FIG TREES. Landscape and food

Along with the almond and carob trees, the fig tree is one of the most characteristic trees in the island’s rural landscape. You can see it alone or in fig tree groves, in the middle of a crop...
Hermannís tortoise Formentera

HERMANNíS TORTOISE. A protected species

The Testudo hermanni is a medium-sized tortoise – with a shell up to 27 cm long in the females, which are larger than the males – with yellow and black colouring....
Mediterranean fan palm Formentera

MEDITERRANEAN FAN PALM. The palm tree of the Balearic Islands

Called the margalló or garballó in Catalan, the Mediterranean fan palm (Chamaerops humilis L.) is the only autochthonous palm tree on the Balearic Islands, and it can be found on...

Menorcan cow Menorca

MENORCAN COW. High quality milk and cheese

For many years, this was the predominant breed on Menorca, with a clear tendency towards the production of milk and cheese. Today, however, just like other breeds on the islands, Menorcan cattle...
Podenco ibicenco (Ibizan hound) Formentera


The Ibizan hound – also called a ca eivissenc or ca de caça (hunting dog) – is the best-known of all the dog breeds of the Balearics. Because of its clear aptitude for hunting, it...
Posidonia Formentera

POSIDONIA. The marine life woods

Formentera is home to the largest seagrass meadows in the Mediterranean, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Posidonia oceanica forms real marine woods which oxygenate the waters....
St Johnswort Formentera

ST JOHNSWORT. Endemic bush

St Johnswort (Hypericum balearicum) is an emblematic plant on the Balearic Islands, a lovely endemic bush often found in the Tramuntana mountain range. It blooms from March to July, and the flowers...
The Balearic shearwater Formentera

THE BALEARIC SHEARWATER. Flights at sea level

The Balearic shearwater, which is known in the Balearic Islands as the virot or baldritja (Puffinus mauretanicus), is endemic to the Balearic Islands and nests in small cliff cavities, such...
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