MANOR HOUSES IN CIUTADELLA . A journey to the heart of the nobility

04.C. Major (Cas Comte de Torresaura)

C. Major (Cas Comte de Torresaura) Can Torre Saura, along with Can Salort, define the stretch where Calle Major reaches Plaza del Born. Both houses are part of the most impressive neoclassical urban complex on Menorca. More than each house on its own, what truly astounds is both of them together, with their neoclassical façades that run along the 55 metres of the narrow Calle Major, just 5.5 metres wide, to open up ostentatiously to the right and left in Plaza del Born.

Can Torre Saura is the most impressive manor house of all of the ones in Ciutadella because of both its size – it occupies three-quarters of the city block – and because of its conception, and it is the purest example of neoclassical civil architecture.

The house we see today is the result of several different refurbishments and extensions, unlike Can Salort, which has been dealt with in a more unitary fashion. Even though its façade and the most representative parts have been treated homogeneously, its internal layout is often quite complicated and betrays its patchwork origins. It was built starting in 1839 following the blueprints of architect Ildefonso Hernández, who was also responsible for the façade on the Teatre Principal of Maó. Queen Isabel II lived in this house during her trip to Menorca in 1860.

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Oficina CITUR
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Consejería de Turismo (Regional Tourism Ministry). Instituto de Estrategia Turística (Institute of Tourist Strategy) Ciutadella

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Every Friday from May to October
10 h. Spanish / Catalan
12 h. English / German

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6 €
Ppensioners, students and groups
of more than 20 participants: 3 €
Children under the age of 12 free of charge

The route includes a visit to the
Diocesan Museum of Ciutadella.

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Airport of Maó Tourism Information Office
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