SA TANCA VELLA. First temple on Formentera

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Sa Tanca Vella
The tiny size of what was the first church on Formentera, located in the town of Sant Francesc, leaves no doubt that the population of the island in the 14th century was scarce, yet that it was made up of Christians wanting to celebrate the rites, regardless of how adverse the circumstances were.

Piracy and the terrible plague epidemics were decisive factors in the population problem. In 1353, King Peter the Ceremonious referred to the depopulation of Formentera and his desire to repopulate it. In 1369, a document from the archbishop of Tarragona granted permission to build a chapel near a cave called San Valero and dedicated to this same saint. The fact that permission to build a cemetery is not mentioned leads us to believe that the population was sporadic and spent occasional stints there working in the salt flats and its related industry.

Until the Sant Francesc Xavier church was built in the early 18th century, this small church was the gathering place of the new settlers on Formentera who had come from Ibiza.

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Sant Francesc Xavier

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Sant Francesc Xavier church. A small church resembling a fortress with just a single window on the façade which was built in the 18th century through donations by local residents.

Green Routes. The Formentera Town Hall has published a brochure suggesting a variety of routes on foot or by bicycle to discover the island.

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